Don’t you aspire for Financial Independence ?


Financial Independence as we say is a state of mind but to achieve that state of mind there needs to be a structured approach . In todays day and age we see that there are so many things around which can distract us from our main purpose which is to be happy and happiness is a state of mind , and we need to disassociate it self from the momentary pleasures or societal pressures .

Financial independence requires dependence on a structure , taking analogy from the rail tracks , we know that to reach our desired destination in time we know boarding the right train is paramount , as they say climbing on a wrong wall is an activity but does not help reach anywhere .  We need tracks to help us reach the right destination in the right time , and that requires asking right questions , probing and clearing our purpose , we have scarce time to keep correcting errors in the journey .

Financial independence is nothing but a similar experience or a state of mind which we achieve when we works towards it through a structured approach .

We spend so much time on planning our holidays , our home interiors why because we want to experience good things in life , the only difference is that these are immediate experiences and instant feeling of satisfaction .

When it comes to Financial independence we are talking about something which will happen in future , and to get there requires planning as well.

Someone needs to understand you as a person , your aspirations , your vision , your apprehensions , your concerns then only one can along with you co-create your plan for Financial Independence and handhold as you move together as a team doing reviews , doing  course corrections , little can we control the external world , but what control levers we have should be judiciously used to manoeuvre through the journey .

Today think about this , do some focussed thinking today  , have conversations to unlock the path towards financial independence . Engage 2 Empower .

Written by Vivek Rege

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