Does Prices lead to Crisis ?

  “While enthusiasm may be necessary for great accomplishments elsewhere, on Wall Street it almost invariably leads to disaster” – Benjamin Graham  A heavyweight in the world of financial investment, Warren Buffett sought out his mentor Benjamin Graham , after reading Graham’s book The Intelligent Investor in 1949, the author became Buffett’s idol. In financial world enthusiasm… Continue reading Does Prices lead to Crisis ?

UPI – Made Simple

UPI (Unified Payment Interface) UPI (Unified Payment Interface), is expected to help India to make a cashless society and move towards an era of digitisation , the mobile telephony penetration is making this possible . Cashless , Chequeless Transactions coming real . 13 Q&A for a quick understanding around UPI . Try it out today… Continue reading UPI – Made Simple

What influences our thinking ?

During 13 years of my advisory career , meeting so many interesting people , who have given me a chance to see their financial life so closely , sharing ups and downs in life , sharing their feelings and anxiety . I have always enjoyed this journey to facilitate , to service to be of some… Continue reading What influences our thinking ?